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MELBOURNE, Australia, February 17th 2020: For over two years, MerchantSpring has been a leading figure in the transformation of e-commerce channels into viable sales channels. Today, MerchantSpring is pleased to announce the recent enhancements to their Marketplace Manager™ offering. This multi-marketplace seller platform will now support Shopify stores globally. 

Since it’s conception, MerchantSpring has been striving for innovative methods to manage online sales channels. This recent development increases efficiency and ease when it comes to managing Shopify stores alongside global marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon and Mirakl platforms.

Existing users of this professional seller tool will be able to connect their Shopify store in minutes. Sellers will be able to review and compare performance through a series of innovative dashboards. With the tool also monitoring account performance, sellers will receive custom insights and recommendations to improve their sales trajectory.

Paul Sonneveld, Managing Director of MerchantSpring, said, “With the addition of our Shopify connector, Marketplace ManagerTM is fast becoming the one-stop platform for e-commerce managers to trade their entire suite of e-commerce channels”.

About MerchantSpring

MerchantSpring has been helping online sellers and retailers turn marketplaces into viable sales channels through its multi-marketplace management platform, Marketplace Manager™. The inclusion of complementary services such as content production, optimisation, marketplace onboarding, ongoing marketplace management, customer service and consulting has seen the enrichment of over ten thousand products since 2017.  

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