Strategic Insights for a Successful Amazon Vendor Kickoff in 2024!


In this episode, Industry experts, Matt Anderson of Optimizon, Bruno Ferreira of BlueDot Ecommerce, Martin Heubel of Consulterce and James Wakefield of Wake Commerce joined Paul Sonneveld and get ready to supercharge your Amazon Vendor strategy for 2024! 


In the ever-evolving world of Amazon vendor management, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for success. With the challenges and opportunities that come with selling on Amazon, it's essential to have a solid strategy in place to maximize your performance and profitability.

Insights from Industry Experts

•    Targeting Profitable Customers: Matt Anderson emphasizes the importance of targeting the most profitable customers and understanding their lifetime value to drive success in 2024.

“I think from a marketing trend point of view, is being able to target your most profitable customer… from brand's point of view, we've got a background of increasing cost per click, increasing logistics costs, and margin pressures… So that's going to be the real key for 2024. How can you target your most profitable customer for lifetime value?” Matt Anderson, Chief Strategy Officer of Optimizon

•    Annual Vendor Negotiations: Martin Heubel highlights the significance of doing your homework between AVN cycles and focusing on the true bottom line rather than just net PPM.

“it really comes down to doing your homework between the annual vendor negotiation cycles and to ensure that you're having the right portfolio, you're driving efficiencies to the right portfolio mix and investing your budgets in terms of advertising and price promotional dollars in the right areas.” Martin Heubel, Ecommerce Strategy Consultant and Founder of Consulterce

•    Internal Operational Setups: Bruno from BlueDot eCommerce stresses the importance of aligning cross-functional teams, implementing proper SOPs, and focusing on internal operational efficiencies for success.

“So I think that for 2024, I hope that vendors start finally to see how important it is to align your cross-functional team, to give them the proper training, to make them more efficient, to have proper SOPs, those standard operating processes compliant with the Amazon rules and requirements. And I can see that a lot of the success for vendors will come from there. And hopefully 2024, vendors will finally start to see that as we see it here at BlueDot.” Bruno Ferreira, Founder, BlueDot Ecommerce

•    Fundamentals and Resourcing: James from Wake Commerce emphasizes the importance of focusing on catalogue optimization, operational models, and resourcing appropriately to manage the channel effectively.

“looking at catalogue, optimization, what's the marketing strategy, really digging into the kind of operational model as Bruno's alluded to, because Vendor Central is such a specific and nuanced, essentially wholesale channel, and there's a lot that can go wrong, or there's a lot of efficiencies that can be made in terms of the processes of processing orders, getting stock into Amazon.

So, I think really vendors need to look at everything in the round, really take the channel seriously, probably look beyond this year and think about, where is this channel going to be for them in the next three to five years. ” James Wakefield, Founder, Wake Ecommerce

Dealing with Amazon Challenges

Forecast Accuracy: When facing challenges with inaccurate forecasts, utilizing data analytics and building statistical models can help improve accuracy and streamline inventory management.

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Pricing and Order Levels: Negotiating with Amazon on pricing terms and aligning minimum order quantities with master carton boxes can help optimize costs and streamline order processes.

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Human Interaction with Amazon: Dealing with Amazon's support team can be challenging, but maintaining a positive and detailed approach to communication can lead to more effective resolutions and support.

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Enhancing Vendor Success with MerchantSpring

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