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In this episode, Sarra Maatallah, the founder of eCommense joined Paul Sonneveld and discussed her knowledge and expertise and unravels the secrets behind Amazon Inspire's launch.



Amazon Inspire: Customized Shopping Experience

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Amazon Inspire constitutes a personalized feed integrated into the Amazon shopping app, designed to enhance the shopping journey for customers. Accessible via a distinct light bulb icon at the app's base, this feature presents users with a choice of over 20 topics or interests to select from. By picking their preferences, users unlock tailored content and product recommendations, that align with their interests.

“So in fact, once you're connected, as I said to the Amazon shopping app, You will have that let's say icon, the light bulb. You connect, you choose your list, and based on that, your topics, you will be falling into all the products, videos, and content related to your topics let's say of interest. And the good thing about Amazon Inspire whatever piece of content is in front of you, an image, or a video, you will find all the products targeted there which products actually fall into your category of interest.”- Sarra Maatallah, Founder eCommense

Amazon Inspire shines in its seamless fusion of content and products. As users navigate this curated feed, they can easily view and purchase associated products directly from the feed itself, without the need to exit or switch between sections. This seamless integration aims to elevate the shopping experience, making it more interactive and engaging for users.

Presently, Amazon Inspire is exclusively available within the Amazon shopping app, but there's potential for expansion to other platforms in the future. Content creation is open to three categories: customers, brands, and influencers. Verified app purchasers can contribute by leaving reviews enriched with images or videos, which Amazon then incorporates into the Amazon Inspire feed, making them visible to other users.

Amazon Inspire signifies a significant stride toward crafting a personalized and captivating shopping adventure for Amazon's clientele. By curating content in harmony with users' preferences, Amazon endeavours to streamline the process of product discovery and purchase, benefitting both customers and sellers. This feature empowers better-targeted product recommendations and heightened brand visibility, ultimately fostering a more engaging shopping environment.

Amazon Inspire content contributors

Amazon Inspire is a dynamic platform that invites contributions from various sources, including end consumers, brands, and influencers, enriching the Amazon Inspire feed. The podcast transcript illuminates who can participate in this content creation process and how it seamlessly integrates into the feed.

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Firstly, end consumers, or customers, hold a pivotal role in content contribution. To do so, they must be verified purchasers of the product, having bought it previously. Their contributions, comprising images or videos, align with specific products in the Amazon Inspire feed.

Amazon influencers or affiliates constitute the second category of contributors. These individuals, registered in the affiliate program with a dedicated Amazon storefront, have their reviews, featuring videos or images, automatically integrated into the Amazon Inspire feed. Users can access these reviews based on their interests.

The third category encompasses brands and sellers who own registered brands. They can feature content in the Amazon Inspire feed via Amazon posts, including images and videos related to their products. Regularly posting these visuals, either for their products or those of competitors, offers an opportunity for enhanced product visibility and conversion rates. Integration into the feed is influenced by product category, subcategory, keywords, and tags, ensuring a personalized user experience.

For agencies collaborating with brands, this presents a valuable opportunity. Brands can contribute directly through Amazon posts, bolstering their content with compelling imagery, engaging titles, and pertinent keywords. This strategy amplifies product traffic and reach while bolstering conversion rates.

Creative content influences purchase experience

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Amazon Inspire places a significant emphasis on creative content, encompassing visually captivating elements like images and videos to engage and entice customers. This approach seeks to transform the conventional act of purchasing into a more social and immersive experience. In the digital era, customers aren't solely buying out of necessity; they crave a sense of community and an exciting, unique experience. Amazon Inspire capitalizes on this shift, offering brands a platform to showcase their products in an appealing and engaging manner, nurturing deeper connections with customers.

“Shoppertainment…Adapting into the new social experience of shopping, where actually as a customer, you are shopping a product that you need or you would like to try, but at the same time you live in an entertainment experience where you've seen everything in front of you in the same type of feed personalizeed it to your own choices. And actually it makes the experience of shopping in a way entertaining and exciting that you would like to leave what you're seeing in a way or another. So I think this is where the shoppertainment concept is implied by Amazon into this new three tool launch by them. ”

Moreover, Amazon Inspire aligns closely with the concept of "shoppertainment." This involves creating an entertaining and enjoyable shopping environment. The personalized feed on Amazon Inspire is instrumental in enhancing the shopping experience by presenting a range of products tailored to individual interests and preferences.

For brands in North America or those selling on Amazon in the region, practical tips for effective Amazon Inspire utilization abound. Consistency in posting high-quality images on Amazon Posts, coupled with a frequency of around five to ten posts daily, can amplify visibility on Amazon Inspire, attracting a broader customer base. Investing in top-notch graphics aligns with Amazon's image requirements. Additionally, maintaining variation in posted images ensures content remains fresh and engaging. Leveraging email marketing tools to encourage customer reviews is another key strategy, as positive reviews wield considerable influence on conversion rates and brand credibility.

In essence, Amazon Inspire underscores the pivotal role of creative content in shaping the customer purchase journey. Brands, through consistent high-quality content and personalized engagement, can harness Amazon's tools to extend their reach and enhance conversion rates, ultimately crafting a more entertaining and thrilling shopping experience. As Amazon Inspire continues to expand globally, it promises even greater opportunities for brands to forge meaningful connections with customers and drive sales.

Leverage Amazon Inspire for growth

Amazon Inspire serves as a platform enabling brands to harness customer-generated content, elevating the shopping experience. Brands can post various content forms like reviews, images, and more, specifically related to their products. This content is then featured in the Amazon Inspire feed, reaching customers interested in the category. The platform's central benefit lies in the power of customer reviews. These not only aid customers in informed decision-making but also enhance product visibility. Brands can create a positive feedback loop by encouraging customer reviews, leading to increased visibility and sales.

“And also another tip, by posting into Amazon Posts, which will actually can be led to the Amazon Inspire feed, you cannot actually post the same image again into the Amazon posts. So, try to always make some change or smaller change, even though you don't have a lot of high quality images, at least to keep the consistency in posting. So do some small changes into your top products. Images with lifestyle, with a captivating title with great keywords and tags and keep just posting.

So with that, you will encourage your content falling into Amazon Inspire. And with that, you will get more clicks, more reach, more conversion from customers who are actually customize their own feed to fall into your product. ”

Beyond customer reviews, brands can diversify their content on Amazon Inspire. This includes brand store images, Amazon Live videos, and interactive materials. Varied content keeps audiences engaged and returning for more. Consistency is crucial in leveraging Amazon Inspire. Brands should regularly post high-quality content resonating with their target audience, fostering brand loyalty and staying top of mind. Experimentation and adaptability are key as content effectiveness can change over time.

Being among the first in your category to use new Amazon features and tools is essential for growth. Amazon continually innovates, and early adopters gain a competitive edge. Being quick to embrace these features can generate momentum, attracting more customers and boosting sales. Overall, Amazon Inspire presents a unique opportunity for brands to enhance reach and conversion rates by leveraging customer-generated content and consistently posting high-quality materials. As Amazon Inspire expands globally, it offers even more opportunities for brands to engage customers and drive sales, emphasizing the platform's importance in content strategy for growth.

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