8 Amazon, Walmart and eBay performance metrics to start measuring

We all know measuring your marketplace performance is really important and it’s easy to do in THEORY. 

But you really should ask yourself these questions:

  • When was the last time you really went deep into your channel metrics?
  • How much effort does it take to get those metrics? (be honest!)
  • Are you truly across all the metrics or do you rely on those provided by the marketplaces?
  • Are there metrics you want but just cant be bothered manually calculating?
  • The big one.... Can you measure them all in one place?
MerchantSpring Marketplace Manager, 2021

Today we wanted to share 8 metrics you should be measuring NOW if you are selling across Amazon, eBay and Walmart.

  • Sales trajectory vs expectations by week.
    • WHY? - So you can see how you are tracking as you progress through the week.
MerchantSpring Marketplace Manager, 2021
  • Days since last sale by Product
    • WHY? - This will let you ascertain stagnant products to either cull or invest more adspend into (if they are converting well)
MerchantSpring Marketplace Manager, 2021
  • Worst sellers by Product
    • WHY? - To give you a clear view of what's not working and what products need improvement.
MerchantSpring Marketplace Manager, 2021
  • Sales by Brand / Category
    • WHY? - To give you a clear view of what brands and categories are doing well and what aren't. (Higher level view of the worst / best sellers report)
MerchantSpring Marketplace Manager, 2021
  • Profit by Marketplace
    • WHY? - Cause some marketplaces might make more profit for you. Practically, if you are not making enough profit on a channel but getting good sell through, increase your pricing. Making a loss? Increase your pricing! 
MerchantSpring Marketplace Manager, 2021
MerchantSpring Marketplace Manager, 2021
  1. Top seller stock/out of stock by days
    • WHY? - Ever had a hot selling product go out of stock? It sucks! Get closer to this metric, now!
MerchantSpring Marketplace Manager, 2021
  1. Sales mix by marketplace
    • WHY? - So you know where to spend your time. Meaning if a channel only contributes 10% of your revenue, don’t invest too much time on it or inversely, if it only makes 10% of your revenue and is a profit maker, maybe you should spend more time on it!
MerchantSpring Marketplace Manager, 2021
  1. Listing Quality Score
    • WHY? - Do you really know how good your content is? You could be missing out on a ton of sales if it’s not up to par. Get closer to this now!
MerchantSpring Marketplace Manager, 2021

As you can see, none of these are easily exportable from either Amazon, eBay or Walmart but are EXTREMELY valuable. Check out the comparison we did below!

Obviously these are not all of the metrics that matter but it is a snippet of the MANY important metrics you should be measuring to improve your sales.

Obsessed with metrics? Check out our comparison of Seller Central vs Marketplace Manager here.

Stay tuned for more articles!

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