5 useful programs every Walmart Seller should be enrolled in

In 2021, Walmart is still one of the biggest retail giants in the world. With over $500 billion in revenue per year, it’s an attractive marketplace for budding eCommerce entrepreneurs. Having successfully registered your business on Walmart’s online marketplace, the question now is… What next?   

To answer that question, we’re going to talk about 5 useful programs that every Walmart Seller should be enrolled in, and why.

Walmart Fulfillment Service

Walmart Fulfillment Service or WFS  is Walmart’s fulfillment program for Walmart Sellers. WFS is very similar to an Amazon FBA business, wherein sellers are supported at every step of the journey. Walmart provides inventory management including storage of your products at their fulfillment centers. It also offers order fulfillment services including picking, packing, and shipping your products directly to consumers. 

Not only do you have a fulfillment network immediately at your fingertips, but Walmart also has WFS fulfillment experts that can help you manage and optimize your Seller Account. All of these services come with only two main costs: 

  • Fulfillment fees based on the dimensional weight of items
  • Referral fees on each sale ranging from 6-20% 

*Full breakdown of these fees is provided once you register for WFS 

Naturally, this is the very first program you should enroll in. Take advantage of Walmart’s fulfillment network in the US to reach customers and grow your eCommerce business.

Walmart TwoDay Program

For sellers enrolled in WFS already, you automatically get TwoDay shipping. If you’re not enrolled in WFS, you can still reap the benefits of Walmart’s TwoDay Program.  This program is available to all Walmart Marketplace sellers. 

After enrolling in the TwoDay program, you can add “TwoDay delivery tags” to selected items. These tags show up on your listings on Walmart.com and boost your conversions up to 50%. 

You can manage fulfillment in 2 ways, either by yourself, or using a third-party logistics provider. There are some stringent requirements for each method that you can read here. For the second method, Walmart also offers a partnership with Deliverr, a multi-channel fulfillment provider. 

The TwoDay program is definitely one to enroll in simply due to how much it can increase rankings & visibility for your listings. TwoDay tags can boost your sales by making it easier to win the Buy Box. 

Walmart ThreeDay Program

For sellers who cannot meet the high requirements of the TwoDay program, there is also the option of a ThreeDay program. Unlike the TwoDay program, you don’t have to request access to this, you can simply enable it in your Seller Center. 

Most sellers are already delivering within 3 days, so there’s no reason not to enroll right away and add those ThreeDay tags to your listings. There are no requirements to pass at all, just log into Seller Center, and enable ThreeDay for selected products on the Shipping page.

Walmart’s ThreeDay program is easy to set up, and on average leads to a 30% increase in conversions. Your listing quality can be vastly improved, and the visibility of your products can be boosted. It’s definitely a program you want to enroll in right away!

Pro Seller Badge Program

The Pro Seller Badge program is another way to stand out. However, this program has some very steep requirements. This is because the Pro Seller Badge is only given to top-performing sellers on Walmart.

To “enroll”, you simply have to become eligible for a Pro Seller Badge. Walmart automatically gives badges to every product in your catalog if you meet their criteria. The Pro Seller Badge criteria are:

  • Less than 10% Delivery Defects Rate
  • Less than 2% of cancelations 
  • Listing Quality Score above 60% for 70% of catalog
  • Over 100 orders in the last 90 days
  • No Performance Standard or TNS violations
  • The seller has been active for at least 90 days

Once you are eligible you can receive this badge. You can check if you’ve received it on your Listing Quality Dashboard. Naturally, a Pro Seller Badge will absolutely boost your conversions, because you immediately gain the customer’s trust and confidence. We recommend all ambitious Walmart Sellers to try to meet the criteria.

Walmart Sponsored Products

Finally, we recommend signing up for the Walmart advertising platform. Walmart Sponsored Products service is the best way to rapidly expand your reach to a massive audience. Much like Amazon Sponsored Ads, there are three ad placements: 

  1. Product Carousel
  2. Product Listing Page Ads
  3. Search in Grid

Walmart Sponsored Products ads are offered on a Cost-Per-Click basis, and you can run either automatic or manual campaigns. In order to have a Sponsored Product ad, first, make sure your product is in stock and also has won the Buy Box. A combination of your ad relevancy and your bid will then determine if your product gets sponsored or not.

Walmart’s Advertising Platform is open to all sellers, so you can simply go and use their Sponsored Products tool any time you want. We highly recommend taking advantage of this feature!

Final Thoughts

All in all, Walmart has a lot to offer its Marketplace sellers, and it would be foolish to miss out on these programs. Walmart’s online marketplace is a highly competitive platform, and sellers need to utilize every tool available to make sure they come out on top. 

Walmart has a lot more programs on offer for sellers, including more expedited shipping options, and several useful marketplace tools.  Be sure to check them out!

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