The Importance of Seller Ratings on Amazon.

Businesses that trade on Amazon often confuse product reviews and seller feedback. They know that five stars are great, but they forget that product reviews and amazon seller ratings perform different roles on the platform.

"Product ratings are impersonal and allow the consumer to see that the product that they are purchasing is of high quality. Seller ratings and seller feedback are two of the vital necessities to ensure a business is getting the most out of trading on Amazon"

The importance of seller ratings is priceless for several reasons.


Amazon seller ratings connect the business to the customer

All written feedback can be used in a positive way, even if the buyer didn’t have a positive experience. Seller ratings on Amazon allow a business to distinguish what customers like and what needs to improve, and what they need to change to increase Amazon seller ratings and drive more traffic to the products.

Importance of Amazon Seller Ratings

Seller feedback also allows the business to communicate directly with the consumer and gives other potential consumers the opportunity to follow the conversations, growing respect the professional conduct and care the business is showing.

Seller ratings increase consumer confidence

Customers will instantly trust a store with high seller reviews from numerous people at varying locations. Excellent product reviews are also a great way to increase consumer confidence.

They help segment a business

Amazon seller ratings and reviews allow a business to identify the pros and cons of their products, what consumers like best and what to stock or delete in future.

It is possible for a business to increase their seller reviews by employing simple, yet effective, marketing tactics such as contacting a customer directly post-purchase and using persuasive language.

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