The Importance of Developing Strong Product Copywriting Content

Words. Sentences. Paragraphs.

As mentioned in previous articles, sellers have two mediums to connect with an audience of buyers, images and copy. The importance of SEO driven keywords is increasing daily with the number of sellers entering an already saturated online product market.

Keywords and Search Results

Product Title

Missing popular crucial keywords from your product title drastically diminishes the likelihood of the product appearing in customer search results. Search results are the first opportunity to attract customers with your product offering.

Keyword software exists to present popular search terms within various categories. However, proper use and understanding of keyword analytical tools is not restricted to just one particular search/ search tool. Validating popular search terms must also consider top selling/ ranking products in category with a subsequent analysis of keywords that appear in their titles.

Consider synonyms to further increase your products reach/ chance of search. For example, aircon has many synonyms: AC, A/C, Air Conditioner, Cooler, the list goes on.

Post achieving the product to appear in search results, in combination with attractive imagery - a clear, concise and well read title is necessary to encourage click-through.

Loading titles with keywords may land your product in search results, however titles that do not read well are categorised as untrustworthy and approached with caution. Illiterate and unprofessional text increases consumer anxiety.

Search Results and Click Through

Product Description

Victory, having fought with the various other product offerings, your product has the click though, but what next?

Descriptive copy gives an opportunity to engage the customer with features, brand awareness and rapport guiding through to intended uses and purchase logic. Descriptions should be creative, appeal to the demographic, emotive text, rhetorical and jovial if necessary. Allowing your brand and or product to have a voice.

There are 3 key descriptive considerations

  1. Features (specifications): moving parts, weight, dimensions, quality, materials, ingredient benefits to health.
  2. Brand (description/ blurb)
  3. Benefits (why to buy, ease of use: consider demographic and lifestyle segments when explaining benefits, who and how are customers intended to use this product?

Product Features List

The features list need to be clear, consistent and grouped well to display product attributes quickly, allowing quick final evaluation of the product.

Utmost importance is the order of the features in the list and subsequent grouping of feature sub headings.

  • Product features: unique features about the product
  • Data features: unit of measure/ metrics/ warranty/ use-by dates
  • Compliance features: Ingredients, dangerous goods, ARTG, compliance allergies

The features list is the icing on the cake, assuring customers of the legitimacy, quality and value inclusions of the product.

There are three key areas of importance to consider when writing persuasive and informative copy to drive conversion.

  1. Product title
  2. Description
  3. Features lists

A thorough understanding of keywords, synonyms, demographic appeal, emotive, engaging copy working in unison with a well thought out features list working results in optimised copy. Ultimately increasing the likelihood of conversion, improved customer satisfaction and chances of repeat purchases.

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